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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For assistance and advice on the tours we run and the destinations covered, you'll find the answers to our frequently asked questions below.

My tours are suitable for anyone interested in Berlin's history, culture, and heritage beyond the usual mass tourism experiences. I welcome individuals, couples, and groups passionate about exploring unique subjects of the city's vibrant history and culture.

Absolutely! My tours are designed for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. I believe in inclusivity, and welcome all curious minds. Additionally, while my tour about Berlin's queer and trans history is, obviously, centered around LGBTQIA+ history, my Berlin Clubs and History of Sexuality tours focus on a diverse range of subjects where LGBTQIA+ issues are just one topic we cover.

While my tours primarily focus on adult-oriented themes (18+), we do offer family-friendly versions upon request. Please contact us in advance, and we can tailor a tour suitable for all ages.

The regular public tours are for people 18+. I offer family-friendly versions of my tours upon request, ensuring an inclusive experience for visitors of all ages.

I strive to make my tours accessible to everyone and all tours are accessible by wheelchair. Additionally, I can describe all visual material to guests with visual disabilities. Please inform me about your specific needs when booking, and I will customize the tour and provide the necessary assistance to accommodate your requirements.

Absolutely, my tours are designed to accommodate all individuals, including those with specific health concerns. I prioritize the safety and well-being of my participants. For instance, if needed, mandatory mask usage indoors can be arranged to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone. Please feel free to contact me in advance to discuss any specific requirements you may have, and I'll tailor my tour to meet your needs.

My cancellation policy allows for a full refund if the tour is cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. For cancellations within 24 hours, no refund will be offered.

Certainly! Many of the participants join my tours individually, providing a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and enjoy the experience together.

Yes, I do offer student discounts. Just book the corresponding rate and bring your valid student ID to the tour to avail yourself of the discount.

My public tours are conducted in English, but I can arrange private tours in German on request. Please contact me for private German tours.

For public tours, to ensure a personalized experience, I prefer smaller groups of a maximum of 20 people. However, I can accommodate larger groups for private tours with advance notice. Please contact me to discuss a private tour for groups of 20+ people.

Yes, my tours are weather-dependent. In the event of heavy rain or storms, tours might be cancelled, and in such cases, a full refund will be provided.

My Berlin Club Tour offers a unique glimpse into Berlin's vibrant nightlife. While we primarily explore the exterior of renowned clubs like SchwuZ, SO36, Tresor, Kit Kat, Yaam, Kater Blau, Berghain, Lab.Oratory, Watergate, and others at RAW Gelände (including Suicide Circus, Crack Bellmer, Haubentaucher, Astra Kulturhaus, Cassiopeia, Badehaus, der weiße Hase), please note that only SchwuZ allows us interior access (and only as long as there's no event happening at the same time). Berlin nightclubs are highly valued sacred and safer spaces, and entry during daylight hours is rare. Be cautious of tours promising access to multiple venues; such claims often prove unattainable due to the clubs' strict entry policies.

No, my tours do not guarantee access to Berghain or any other club during the night. My tours are conducted during the day, outside of Berghain's operating hours. It's important to note that no tour can guarantee entry into Berghain (or any other club for that matter), and I advise caution around any tour, experience, or person making such claims. However, my tour provides you with a profound understanding of Berlin's club culture, the communities behind these spaces, their status as political and safer spaces, and the importance of respecting their sanctity. This knowledge enhances your chances of being welcomed into Berghain and other clubs, demonstrating your genuine understanding and appreciation of the culture.

The Augmented reality device will be operated by the tour guide. The only thing you need to do is relax and enjoy!

No, neither for the club tour, nor for any other tour.